Thursday, 2 May 2013

Homemade lip balm & AI'ing the cow

MamaMoo kept us up all night bellowing last Monday, so I figured she must be in heat. Hubby rang the AI man on Tues morning and he came out to us shortly afterwards. We had the choice of a freisin or angus straw so we picked angus.
We put her up the crush and sure enough she was well 'on'. Fingers crossed that she takes! I should be on the look out for heat in 18 days.

I collected the veal yesterday evening from our butcher. We got back three boxes of meat. We were disappointed as it is very lean. We will fatten a jersey calf next time. We got back about 140lbs of meat and some yummy corn beef that we had last night. I have to be very careful with cooking it, as not to make it tough and to use lots of added fats to help.

Our chicks are getting quite big now. They are starting to get annoying in their cage now as they are so messy and scratch food/bedding into their water constantly.
It will be time for them to move out into a coop soon. They still have a heat lamp on at night. The next batch is due on the 12th.
I have been doing a lot of gardening this week. The weeds are trying hard to get ahead ! Argh ! We have being swopping/sharing a lot of plant and seeds with friends. It's a great arrangement for all.
I made cheese and yogurt last night and I plan on making more cheese today.

I made some homemade lip balm during the week. It was very easy and it will last ages and smells wonderful.
A table spoon each of the following and melt together. The add essential oils and allow to cool.
Olive oil
Bees wax
Coconut oil

Now I really need to get around to making more soap for the house !

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