Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta bread is very popular in our house. It never lasts more than a few hours once out of the oven. Which for me is a delight!
It feels like a good job well done when my boys get excited for the timer on the oven to sound or for me to come in with the mornings milking so they can scope out the warm creamy foam.

I started the 'bigga' or sponge yesterday for the ciabatta. This was a wet mixture of flour, yeast and water. This was covered and left overnight.

By the morning it had doubled in size and was full of air holes.
I then added more flour,salt, honey, yeast and water and covered again and left it for a few hours when it had doubled in size again.
As I don't use scales, I have no idea of measurements. I just add till it looks right!

By now it is very stretchy and full of air holes. Empty onto floured surface and divide in two. Shape and put on the greased tray ready for the oven. Leave for another hour to rise again.

Bake on a high heat 220c for about 30 mins. Enjoy!

We have done so much weeding this weekend that the garden is taking shape and we finally managed to move the chicks out into their own coop. I am nervous of how they will do. I do hope that they are hardy enough!

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