Monday, 17 March 2014


Hubby has been busy all day. He has planted three extra fruit trees and staked fifteen more, of apples, plum, cherries and pears. Did you notice amber in the background? She is looking over the stonewall. 
He then brought a wheelbarrow of muck to each tree and spread it at the base.

The orchard is looking loved now. I'm very proud of his work!

I noticed that some of the willow cuttings are starting to take. I need to keep the pony out of the paddocks as he keeps stepping on them!

Amber went out today for the first time in the big field. She was not very happy about this! She spent the day mooing and following hubby around by the fence line. I think she might be in heat!

We still do not have the milking machine working. It is not producing enough vacuum. Hubby has tried tightening the belt and did a total disassembly and still doesn't understand why! 
Either way, we know it is a sample problem, just too damn simple for us to fix. He will visit a neighbouring dairy farmer this evening to see if he has any ideas. We have asked about five people so far and they all assure us it is a simple problem/fix but don't have any suggestions.

I spent some of the day with my little girl building a woodpile by the porch door for the approaching week. The boys were busy exploring for bugs!

Happy St.Patricks Day...
It was too cold and wet for us to bring the children to the parade this year.
What did you do for St.Patrick's Day if anything ?  


  1. Bonny, our young heiffer, tried to climb on board me when I was kneeling down to help a young goat who had got into trouble, so I presume she is in season at the moment! But Lissie, her mum, is with calf at the moment so we have been spared from her 'time of the month' shennanigans.
    Great job with the orchard, and those support posts are definitely better than the small single post that each of our fruit trees had when they were first planted No wonder that several of them have grown with a tendency to lean against the prevailing winds!

  2. I'd say that could hurt! It hadn't occurred to me to watch out for that.
    He did a nice job of the orchard. It was will overdue and like your, ours did nearly lean on their side with the wind. Do you hand or machine milk?

    1. Lester hand milks at the moment, Marie, but he also milks our goats, and when he starts milking Bonny we just might buy him a milking machine!

  3. I don't think following hubby around will ease Ambers predicament ;-)

    He's done a lovely job with the trees, it's always so satisfying to bring an orchard back to life isn't it.

    Fingers crossed I think one of our jobs next week will be to put some assorted trees in to screen the polytunnel that hopefully will be going up in the next couple of months.

  4. That sounds really good. You can never have enough shelter for tunnels. I miss our one.


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