Saturday, 18 May 2013

Easy Mozzarella Cheese

I have tried a few cheeses so far but this one seems to me to be the easiest to make when you consider effort and taste.
It doesn't last long here as we use it in salads, pizza and for any cooking recipes.

Using a gallon of fresh warm milk, I add a cup of homemade yogurt and about 10 drops of rennet into the milk and stir. The yogurt changes the ph of the milk.
I need to keep  it warm ( 32C/90F ) so  usually I put it on the warm plate of the range and leave it there for about 45mins for the curd to set.

When you can press down on the curd then it is ready for the curds to be cut. Using a clean knife cut the curds into one inch cubes. It doesn't need to be perfect or exact, slicing the curds releases the whey. Let it stand for a further 10 mins.

When you come back the curds should have sank to the bottom.
Pour out half of the whey ( you can feed it to pigs and chickens or use it in cooking) and start to gently heat the curds to 150F. When it reaches this temperature maintain it for 5 mins and then strain the cheese through cheese cloth and hang it or put it into molds for a few hours depending on how hard/dry you like it.
A few hours gives a softer cheese that will only last a few days while hanging overnight results in a drier cheese that will last up to a week and be suitable for grating.

It can also be soaked in brine to expand the shelf life.

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