Monday, 29 April 2013

Sprouting, Bees & Chicks

I started sprouting some chickpeas and kidneys beans a few days ago. I was not expecting them to sprout but was delighted when I noticed them sprouting this morning. I took pity on the beans and planted them in the poly-tunnel, lets see if they grow. The chickpeas will be used in salads this week.

The garden is coming along well and we have our first peas. What a delight! We are harvesting spring onions, herbs and spinach everyday. The brood beans are all in flower and the seedlings are growing strong and will be planted out shortly. The only problem at this time of year is the weeding!                                           We opened up the hive on Saturday and while it is strong and doing well, it is very delayed. They haven't used the super that was added three weeks ago. We had expected that to be laid up already. I have a feeling it is going to be a slow year!                                                                                                                         Our chicks are doing great and are under a heat lamp during the night.  We have eight now and another batch of eggs in the incubator that are due on the 12th of May.                                                                            

I will be making more homemade soap and some peppermint lip balm during the week. So I will follow that up wth a blog post.

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