Saturday, 18 January 2014

The new pony

A kind neighbour dropped over a (free) Shetland pony for the children this morning. 
There was a lot of excitement. He has been named 'Ginger' and will be mostly stabled. He is rather fat and has poor feet and would be prone to laminitis, so he wouldn't be getting much grass. 
I will tether him out to graze for a few hours each day until we set up a small moveable electric fence for him. 
Otherwise he will be given dry hay. I will tidy him up tomorrow with a groom and hair cut. 

I hope to bring my son (5) with me next week to compete on newcomers classes while i compete in the adult classes. 
These are a show jumping class for children. The height of the jumps is just one pole sitting on the ground and mam/ dad get to lead the pony and child through the course. It is a nice way to introduce show jumping to children in a fun and safe way.
I hope it is a sport that we can enjoy together :-)


  1. Very cute and looks to be a hit already! My pony was bought to be a companion to our old horses, and sadky not a good child's pony, although as she gets older, may be better (although I sold the tack years ago when my children outgrew it...). We were very lucky to be given 2 bomb proof retired Welsh show ponies by 2 different friends. Loved them dearly and missed them when they finally died (were long outgrown by that point and VERY elderly). Have lots of fun with him!

  2. I naively thought kid friendly ponies were widely available! Only in our search we realised that they are not. This pony is very kind and quiet to handle but he hasn't been ridden yet. We have ordered a treeless pony saddle for him, and we will wait for this first before the kids can start riding.
    You must have plenty of space/grazing. I have to be ruthless with what can and can't stay here

  3. I have to smile at the small movable electric fence setup :) I hope he's better behaved than our Shetland pony! I gave up on a battery fencer as when he gets hungry he just walks through the tape! He is a willfull little blighter especially when hungry. I have him in a yard for the winter and let him into our neighbours field now and then. We wouldn't be without him, hes an old boy with lots of, lets cal it 'character'...
    Great photos by the way.

  4. He he! I had to laugh, I had simialiar visions! I don't like Shetlands much due to their reputation. I tether him at the moment which is working fantastically. We have a cow yard that he escaped from this morning.


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