Thursday, 9 May 2013

Flooded polytunnel in May!

After milking this morning, I went and did my usual. Feed the hens and chicks and then went to check on the polytunnel. I was shocked this morning to find I could barely get in the door without wellies as it was flooded.
My first thought; oh sh@t! I must have left the hose running. I ran to turn it off but it was already off.
I then opened the door and looked in. My heart sank. There were pots and seedlings floating/ drowning inside.
I walked inside slowly while my shoes and socks were filling with water and rescued the pots and trays of seedlings. I put them up onto shelves to let them drain.
Now before you ask, we live in a house on a hill! And it's May ! Summer!
And the forecast for the rest of the week : rain and more heavy rain.

The cow has been inside for the last few days and I reckon for another ten. It might be June before she is let out to grass altogether. She would do too much poaching if she were out now.
This is depressing!
I have a 5 gallon stout & malt brew to start today and a gallon of fresh milk to turn into mozzarella .
Oh and three very active,busy and entertaining little sweat-peas as my assistants!
Which made me reflect on this poem...

Hand Prints On The Wall
One day as I was picking
the toys up off the floor,
I noticed a small hand print
on the wall beside the door.

I knew that it was something
that I'd seen most every day,
but this time when I saw it there
I wanted it to stay.

Then tears welled up inside my eyes,
I knew it wouldn't last
for every mother knows
her children grow up way too fast.

Just then I put my chores aside
and held my children tight.
I sang to them sweet lullabies
and rocked into the night.

Sometimes we take for granted,
all those things that seem so small.
Like one of God's great treasures...
A small hand print on the wall. 


  1. Yes. it highlights those precious moments that pass too quickly!


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