Friday, 16 May 2014

Comings and goings...

I have two new young horses arriving this weekend. They are very well bred warm-bloods full brothers, a yearling and a two year old.
I sold my aged competition horse and I am working on the children's 128cm jumping pony. I am schooling him myself and will be bringing him to shows shortly to put SJI points on him. He will be ridden by a child at the shows.
The plan is to bring him on for our children to compete him at newcomers next year.

The gardens are awash with beautiful colours. The fruit trees are swelling with fruit and young potato plants push through the soil. The rhubarb needs harvesting and the chickens are still free to scratch out the vegetable beds unfortunately. They just keep escaping!!

The pigs are massive and enjoying the extra space of the cow yard. They have redecorated using the hose pipe and pallets ;-)
They are due to go to the freezer in ten days.

The bees are flying well every day and are bringing back plenty of pollen. I should have a virgin queen around now, from the hive that I removed the queen from. It is great mating flight weather and the other hives had plenty of capped drone cells last week.
Fingers crossed that she mates well and avoids the recently arrived swallows!


  1. I love rhubarb, but it does not grow well here. I love horses, but have never got round to learning to ride. I love pigs, and those we do have! Hope your new horses shape up real well.

  2. The young horses will be a long rewarding road. That suits me as I have accountancy exams in the coming weeks and have finals to sit next year. It suits me to not have much to ride for the next year or two. But I am super excited as they are the very well bred and should be very promising.
    Is it too dry and hot for rhubarb there? Will you take you horse riding or has that boat sailed?

  3. Gosh, accountancy exams! Wishing you loads of energy to get through them. As for rhubarb, I think that it does get too hot here, but we are going to try a shadier spot before we give up completely with trying to grow it. I think that me and horse riding are probably a no go. but never say never! I have recently met an one hundred year old lady who had a go at horse riding at ninety!

  4. Yes, I am stressed and studying hard at the moment, hence the lack of blog posts!


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