About Us

After an illness in our family, we decided to stripe life back to the bare minimum to see what was left. Love, and plenty of it!
We rebuilt our lives centred around the most important thing, our family.  We live on a small holding in rural Ireland. I work full-time as an auditor and spend the balance of my time taking care of our children, cottage and farm jobs.
Hubby loves DIY and is so helpful both in and out of the house.
We have two sons ( 6 & 8 yrs ) that are in school and a little daughter (3) who is has started play school and is daddy's little princess.
Life here is busy!


  1. Lovely blog!! I am truly enjoying your posts...a breath of fresh air!!! How many acres do you have?

  2. Ah, thanks so much Dessi. We only have one acre but our kind neighbours let the cow graze his 10 acre field during the summer.


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