Saturday, 25 May 2013

Once a day milking

Last Saturday I started milking the cow once a day in the evening, partially because of the home brew consumed the night before ;-)

She is a year fresh and producing two gallons over the two milkings. It wouldn't be much for her to adjust to once a day milking and I am loving the extra half hour in the morning!
I skipped a morning milking and then did two milkings the next day. I repeated this a few times until she had adjusted to it and I was comfortable that she wouldn't develop mastitis.
We are getting less milk now, maybe two litres less but it's worth it. The milk is much more creamy. We are using half the amount of hard feed as she is only fed at milking times and it will give her a chance to gain more body condition while at grass.

She was bulling again on Thursday pm so the AI man came out again on Friday morning. Fingers crossed that she takes!

The veg garden is really starting to kick off now. The only problem is the slugs ...lots of them! They are eating everything! We are picking peas everyday and strawberries are maybe a week away from picking... Yum farm fresh cream and strawberries!
I have tomato plants growing everywhere in the tunnel from last year, over ripe tomatoes that rotted with seed.

I have a hard cheese maturing that I started earlier in the week.
The hens are laying well and the last bee hive seems doomed :-( due to laying workers. More on this again as I try to remedy it...

We have completed the concrete slab for the pigs, we hope to have it completely finished by next weekend ( house and concrete feeders ) and will buy in weaners very soon after.

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