Monday, 1 July 2013

Elderflower, Broadbeans & Onions

It is elderflower season!
Although a little behind schedule due to the cold spring. I got busy this morning at my sister's farm picking the fragrant flowers. Armed with wellies, heavy clothing and gloves to do battle with the nettles and blackberry bushes. I collected a large canvas bag of flowers that should make two gallons of wine that I will start this evening. Later in the week I will collect more flowers in my local area for a second batch.

I got a bit ruthless yesterday and pulled all the broad beans out of the polytunnel that were causing me problems. 
They were taking up a lot of room and had gotten very tall. They shaded out many of the surrounding plants and was causing air to stagnant in the tunnel which would have caused rot.I felt guilty at the time but now I am so pleased with the amount of space that it has freed up. 
I wheeled in a few loads of manure/compost and worked that into the soil. I then planted out a few pumpkin plants that had been long overdue to get their roots into the good soil. The air circulation and light is much improved this morning.

The onions are doing great! We sowed 300 sets earlier in the year. The flavour is strong and moist compared to shop bought onions. Many of them are setting seeds which I will save. Next month they will start to fall over, and then they are ready for harvesting. 
We will move them into the polytunnel to dry out and later plait them for use in the kitchen.

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