Saturday, 6 July 2013

Chicken progress

The chickens were out yesterday and enjoying a good dust bath in the paddock.

A crow had managed to gain access to their coop yesterday to steal eggs. The ladies did not take kindly to this! As the photo details!
Old time saying of 'pecking order ' comes to mind!

After the two batches of hatching eggs in our incubator, we have succeeded in doubling our stock of hens/pullets from five to ten. 
But we also have four (maybe five) young roosters that are surplus to our needs. We plan to separate these from the pullets to fatten and dispatch for the table.

The pig sty is coming along nicely. We hope it will be finished today and expect the pigs to move into their new accommodation tomorrow. I am starting to get excited about their move as they currently live in a spare stable.

While the sunflowers are starting to bloom, the veg garden is suffering from neglect inflicted over the last two weeks. 
It requires a good weeding and removing of crops that have started to go to seed or past their best to make way for autumn planting. 

I picked my first cucumber of the season yesterday and cleared out a bed of peas that were sown last October in the polytunnel.
The sweet corn is looking promising, I have tried to help the pollination by giving it a good shake when passing.
It is usually pollinated by the help of the wind, which a polytunnel lacks.

And the bad news! The cow showed signs of heat yesterday. 
She has been inseminated three times now. The vet will scan her next week to check her reproductive system. If he finds nothing, we will use hormone injections to raise her fertility and bring her on at a particular time so that the Insemination is timed perfect.
If this fails, unfortunately she will be going to the factory. 
We only have space for one cow, and she must pay her way!
Bummer :-(

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  1. Clever chooks defending their patch :-)


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