Monday, 22 July 2013

The new bee stand

The bees moved into their new place last week. Hubby still has to hang a gate but otherwise it is finished.

It will take up to eight hives, and this is more than we would ever want or need. It is located in the orchard and well away from where the children play.
It has been built at a very comfortable height for me and there is plenty of work space for when I open the hives and remove boxes or frames.

With the concrete base, it will be very easy to cut the grass around the base and hopefully we will have less problems with slugs in the future. 
I have not moved in all the hives yet as I was worried that the foraging bees  would 'get lost' but they will just move into the nearest hive and therefore level out populations between the hives.

If I get the chance I might move the rest this week.

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