Saturday, 29 June 2013

The role of the homemakers

The role of the homemaker has fallen over the last few decades. 
It's social standing has been downgraded from a once important and honoured role which greatly influenced society, to a place where shame and embarrassment follow such a statement!

The pursuit of 'easy' has replaced craft, beauty, pride, homemade and comfort at home. There are now easy meals, easy flat pack furniture and easy childminding as they sit in front of the tv, game or tablet.
We now live where the tv is the most important feature of a room! And as a direct result social education of the youth, the most important form of all the educations has been lost, dwelling only now in oldest of the generations.

The answer to people's loneliness is to put the tv or radio on at all times to have background noise, and in some homes both! But that only distracts loneliness. People, community, family and neighbours are the true solution. 

Everything that is done outside the home is done for the betterment of the home and home life. From farming, to factory work, labour saving inventions, restaurants and even war. But if home life is gone then what use is any of it other than as a distraction.

Home life is the start of everything and the end, it's all we truly have. It is the foundation of society and culture. It shapes our youth and therefore shapes the  future of our society and culture. That is indeed power!

I believe that education with children should be based primarily at home. We send our eldest to our local school where he can build ties to his community but I do not expect it to be his only form of education. He needs to learn so much more than what can be learnt at school. From cooking and baking, how to milk a cow and weed the garden, a love for reading and self education, diy, value in people and community but to name a few. 

What do people do with all the time they have saved by not keeping a home, as it does indeed take time. Do they better themselves or others? 
They do not, life without a home is dull and wanting. They distract themselves with tv and media, holidays to escape to and dreams of living it all on retirement when they finally will have the time.
People are tired when coming home from working all day, so they sit in front of the tv in the evenings. It is in fact the highlight of their day!
Their day has been so dull that they feel the need to reward themselves. A six pack or a takeaway or both. Their is no joy for living.

A home is were you feel a belonging, to the building, the place and the people. It is were people gather for good food and beer and the door is always open and visitors are always welcome. 
It is lovingly made of human hands. 

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