Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gooseberries & Black currants

It is that time of year again! I picked the gooseberries last week, it was easy as there was not many of them!

But the black currants, I have yet to pick and it is a job that I dread. We have 5-6 large bushes to do this week. It should have been done last week but I kept putting it off.
We should fill two large buckets with currants, perfect for jam!

I have also harvested more rhubarb which I stewed and put in the freezer. I really feel that I have too much rhubarb now, although that might change as we move into winter.

I managed to make a basket for collecting veg in. You might think it looks okay but the shape and design I had in my head while starting this basket was very different to the end result.
But it does its job and it is ideal for bringing out to the veg garden. I think I should invest in a basket making course over the winter. 

We have pulled and dried the shallots. They are now hanging over the fire place. We need to do the same with the garlic and onions. I am harvesting broccoli and cauliflower at the moment. I planted a few dozen heads of each. I wash, cut and put them into the freezer as they come ready. The freezer is starting to fill up nicely.

We live in an area with many lakes and it is famous for its wild trout fishing.
Therefore fishing and water sports are very popular. We also live about 40mins form the ocean where surfing is very popular.
So with the hot weather recently we have spent our days out on the loughs, kayaking and swimming. The boys even caught a fish yesterday and are learning how to snorkel.

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