Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Elderflower Champagne

I had collected more than I realised of elderflowers yesterday. I had enough to put on a batch in the fermenting bucket but i did not have a spare bucket.

Alas I have so much on that I am running out of demi-johns, bottles and buckets. My kitchen sounds like a witches coven with so many brews bubbling away!

So last night I took my foraging harvest of elderflowers and cut of the stalks and put the flower heads, lemons and enough water to cover in a large pot on the stove.

Before going to bed, I took it off the heat and added a sprinkle of champagne yeast, yeast nutrient and cream of tartar once it had cooled to warm. I covered it with a tea towel for the night.

When I stirred it this morning, it was fizzing away. The yeast had took up residence!
I had three available demi-johns to use, so I rinsed these out and set them up.

I strained the mixture through some cheese cloth and equally divided the liquid between the three demi-johns.
I rinsed the flower heads several times to extract as much juice as possible. 

I then added 700g of sugar to a gallon and filled them up with warm water. I put on the air lock and they started to bubble  immediately.

Ingredient summary per gallon

Elderflower heads
700g sugar 
Tsp yeast nutrient
Tsp cream of tartar
Champagne yeast 

I have finally faced into bottling 27 litres of rhubarb wine. I am just ten litres in at the moment!
I love the colour and I had a wee taste. A dry rhubarb taste that has already began to soften. It doesn't taste too potent thankfully (alcohol%). I primed it with honey.
I hope the bottles don't explode!

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