Saturday, 27 July 2013

The bees are swarming

I am kept busy with the bees this week. Every hive, even the nuc boxes have multiple occupied queen cells. 

So I am checking them a few times a week as I have made splits, started new nucs and have a apidea box also. I am destroying queen cells in queen right hives so as to prevent a swarm. The swarming instinct should cease by next month as they start to prepare for winter.

I currently have seven colonies and I am all out of hive parts now! I will need to order more.
I am loving the new bee stand. It has made the moving, lifting and setting up of hives so easy. I can work through the inspection comfortably with everything I need at hand.

I have assembled a large quantity of frames this week. Mainly supers to catch the honey flow from the two strong hives that I had triple brood boxed and then spilt.

 This year so far has been a great year. All due to the hot weather, but a honey harvest next month without losing any swarms would make it perfect.
Fingers crossed!!!

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