Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What's good in the veg garden?

I took a walk in the veg garden today to stock up the larder for dinner.
The veg garden is currently neglected and the polytunnel is still badly torn since the storm. As ugly as it currently is to my eye, it is still very productive. Hence why there are no photos of it ;-)
You can't beat good soil!

I made a root vegetable roast using artichokes, young beetroot, parsnips and carrots served along side slowed cooked veal. A hundred percent home produced meal. 

I will use the radishes, peas and beet tops for salad later. 
I am very pleased with the artichokes. This is the first time we have grown them. They are heavy yielding and so easy to grow.

The chickens have slowed down their egg production from six to three eggs roughly a day. I have two roosters that are running around free that I need to catch and despatch (put in the pot) one of these days. 

The new pigs have settled in and are becoming more friendly now. We still can not rub them but they now come out from hiding at feeding time. 

The bees are flying most days and the queens has started to slow down/stop laying in preparation for winter. 

The fire is lit everyday in the range now. The warmth is very comforting in the kitchen and I love having a kettle always on the boil available for brews and a hot plate available for cooking.


  1. Get them despatched, they don't eat anything in the freezer.

  2. I'm so happy to have found your blog and have been reading some of the older posts. My family and I have a small farm in the midwest United States. Looking forward to reading more ;)


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