Sunday, 6 October 2013

Basket Making Course Day 1

I am attending a beginner weekend basket making course in Furbo, Co.Galway with Ciaran Hogan, son of famous basket maker Joe Hogan. There are eight of us all from different parts of Ireland. 
Furbo is located in Connemara, the seafood and scenic views are breathtaking. There are cows grazing in the small stone walled fields, that to the eye appear to drop off into the Atlantic Ocean. A beautiful part of the world!

Yesterday, Saturday we made a simple bread basket and started the base for a shopping basket. We are having great fun and learning traditional skills.



  1. Good to see the old country skills surviving and being passed on.
    Look forward to seeing your first complete shopping basket.

  2. I'll put some photos up on my next post. I was very pleased! Much better than my first at home attempt ;-) it certainly helps to have a teacher


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