Friday, 11 October 2013


We had a busy night last night. We stayed up till 2 am making salami and still haven't finished yet as we ran out of casings.
We opted to purchase artificial casing instead of the difficult task of washing out the intestines. 

Yesterday morning I prepped the mixture. 

Ingredients per 10kgs:
10kgs lean pork 70% / back fat 30%
2 litres rhubarb wine
250g sea salt
Large bulb of garlic
Seasoning/ herbs/ spices

Butcher twine

I added all the ingredients and used my hands to work it in together to a smooth mixture. 
I covered the mixture and left it aside till later that night.

We then cleaned and set up the sausage machine and soaked the casings. Once soaked we fed the casing onto the machine nozzle and tied off one end. Once they where long enough we tied the other end off. We pricked them with a needle to release any air bubbles.

We made up forty something salami last night and more to do tonight. The finished salami are hanging up now drying and should be ready in 6-8 weeks. 

Fingers crossed!!! As this is our first attempt. It was a good excuse to drink our ginger beer ;-)


  1. Looks good, should be ideal by Christmas. Why rhubarb wine? And why do you need an excuse to drink ginger beer?

  2. The recipe required red wine but considering we made six gallons of rhubarb, we decided to use that instead.
    I suffer from a bad case of guilt, unfortunately I need an excuse to most things :-(
    Damn irish catholic upbringing ;-) no offense to any irish catholics intended


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