Thursday, 10 October 2013

Our pigs are back...from the butcher!

I collected our pork this morning from the butcher. I have spent all morning bagging it for the freezer and separating cuts as gifts for neighbours, friends and relatives.

There is a lot of it! This was the kitchen table at 10am this morning.
The pigs killed out at 55 & 60 kgs each. We are very happy with the return on meat and delighted that they are not too fatty.
We still have four legs/hams in the butcher shop curing, that will be perfect for Christmas. 

We have 12 kgs of mince also that we will make into salami later tonight. A post to follow about that ;-)

Our freezer is very full and we still have plenty of veal and another hogget to be added next month.
There is something very comforting about approaching winter with a full freezer of meat.
 I honestly don't think we could afford to buy this quality of meat ourselves had we not been able to rear it.


  1. Looks good, a big freezer full.

  2. Let's hope there isn't an electricity outage ! That could make me cry, or a reason to hold a large food party...hehe!

  3. Isn't it great when you get it all in your freezer! We just got our two pigs killed and butchered, we ended up with 95 kilos of take home meat from the two in total.
    All the work and then the reward :)
    Pigs are imo very unappealing once they're over 5 months old! They get very loud and boisterous. I'm enjoying walking past the empty pig area with the chicken bucket and not suffering the pigs screeching attentions.
    Found your blog today, thanks for all your clear info and written experiences.We're nearly 2 years into owning our 3 acre smallholding (in progress), the peasant life is the best life.

  4. You have a lot more land than us, I'm jealous ;-)
    95kgs is a great return. Isn't it a great feeling to have the freezer full coming into winter


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