Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Homemade yogurt

After cleaning out the fridge today I decided it was time to use up some of these cultures that had been waiting there for a few months. I usually make yogurt by using fresh culture that was bought in the store. So this was a first for me using freeze dried powdered culture.

 Their are four cultures in the photo. Two yogurt cultures, a kefir and a cheese starter culture.  They are enough to make one litre. The method is the same for each culture so tonight I'm making yogurt.   

After milking this evening  l brought in the milk and filtered it using the cheese cloth. I poured the milk  into a saucepan and sterilized the milk by heating it up to just before boiling point and then pouring it into a clean kilner jar.

Once the jar had cooled down to below blood temperature ( 25-35 degrees ) I then added the sachet of yogurt culture and closed the lid. I gave it a good shake to redistribute the cream evenly.

l have placed it over the warm plate on the range overnight and will place it in the fridge tomorrow.
Tomorrow eve I will be enjoying it with honey!

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