Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making hive frames and double brooding

I have put on a triple brood box onto the hive yesterday.This is to give the bees plenty of room to store pollen and honey and for the queen to lay as much as is possible to build up the numbers for the honey flow next month and then make splits.

I intend to establish two other hives from this hive. So once I see laid queen cells, I will be removing the two extra brood boxes onto new stands to establish as a hive themselves.
They will rear up a queen themselves and build up strong hopefully for the winter. I won't in the future over winter nucs anymore, only full hives. Their chances of surviving are too low here with our climate.

I have been making up boxes and frames the last few evenings. So here is a 'how to' on frames.

Pull off the stripe on the top part of your frame.
Tap in the sides with slot on the inside.
Feed the foundation up the slot with the wired curled towards you.
Tap in the two end timbers with the wire coming through in the middle.
Tap back in the stripe that you pulled off before into its original place.
Use light tack nails to secure them in place.

Here is a photo of the mouse damage caused during the winter that wiped out the nuc. You can see how the mice ate through the frames and had made a bed of wax comb on the floor of the nuc box.

I have been cleaning up old frames and scraping off excess wax off them so they fit in the box. I will be using this wax for a batch of soap that I hope to make later today.

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