Saturday, 1 June 2013

Arrival of the pigs!

We had intended to purchase four weaners, three for ourselves and one for my sister and her family.
We failed to locate that amount near us but we did buy two saddleback 5 mth old pigs that were located about an hours drive away.

We meet the very cheerful farmer at the side of a dirt road and he throw himself, his bike and his old dog into the small trailer we had brought.
We had the windows down and were entertained by singing and the occasional shout of directions. 'Swing left at the bush and follow the road!'
We were in fits of laughter in the car at the jokes and songs he was shouting, ahem singing !
The longer we drove, the more the roads disappeared into dirt lanes. Had the weather been worst we might have needed the four wheel drive.
 We finally got to a little old derelict cottage on a hill and we were told the pigs had being running free until this morning as he had locked them into the cottage earlier for us.

He brought us inside and opened up a door to an old bedroom and caught a pig by the back legs and dragged his outside to the trailer ( cue: background noise of pig squealing and farmer cursing ) and both men lifted him in. He went in again and brought out another.
We completed our paperwork for the herd register, paid up and received 'luck' money back.

The farmer, his bike and dog jumped back in and we give them a lift into the local town.

The pigs are not very friendly but hopefully when they settle in they will relax.
They are very very small for five months but hopefully (again) feeding will sort that out.
They have been living rough and wild and 'only fed every now and then a bit of potato skins'.

We will buy a couple more weaners if they become available locally.

We put them into an empty stable tonight and they enjoyed their first meal of barley and creamy milk.
Once they settle in a bit we will move them into the pig sty.

The boys have named them; shaggy and scooby-doo....but all I can see are salami !
Yum yum yum in my tummy!

Tell us about your pig adventures...or mouth watering salami recipes!

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