Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June update

The polytunnel is bursting and competition for space is high. So for this year I'm winning against the weeds as they are at a disadvantage for space and light. The peas, brood beans and strawberries are cropping heavy and the courgettes, marrow and globe artichoke are almost there.

Outdoors things are much slower. The onions and garlic are doing well as are the carrots and parsnips. The cabbages are coming along slowly, the ones that survived the slugs, only to be attacked soon by the caterpillars. We also have leeks, Jerusalem artichokes, tomatoes, squashes, sweet corn, potatoes and salads.

The cow was in standing heat yesterday evening at milking so the AI man came again this morning! Hopefully third time lucky or we might have to rethink things!

I had made a hard cheese about six weeks ago and I attempted to age it. I took it out last night and declared that I was only to try it. Hubby had a laugh at me and suggested the pigs were hungry. It looked terrible with a probability of food provisioning. But it was a lovely strong crumbly hard cow cheese. And hubby loved it!

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