Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New cow arriving tomorrow

Our new jersey cow is arriving late tomorrow evening!
She is a five year old and a third calver. She freshened about three months ago and is producing about twenty litres a day. 

Expect a post on her to follow soon :-)


  1. She looks lovely, can't wait for the post .... and my goodness 20 litres a day I see lots of cheese, yogurt, icecream etc etc posts coming up .... please :-)

  2. Thanks. I'm exciting but dreading the milk schedule ! I'll have to get up an hour earlier each morning from now on

  3. you mind me asking how much your picking her up for?

  4. We agreed a price of €700. She is not bred back. I think it's a bargain, but I won't know till I get to know her. I hope she is a gentle cow

  5. Thats sounds like a good price indeed. How many years of milk do you think you will get all going according to plan of course. Also do you plan on getting a calf off her so to avoid having to pay for a new cow when she dries up?

  6. I hope she will milk till she is 10-12 years. She won't be under much pressure here compared to a commercial dairy.
    We will bred her back in the next few months so as to have a spring calf next year. The calf will be reared on the cow hopefully, if she is willing to share her milk with us. The bull calves will end up in the freezer and the heifer calves will be reared for replacement or cash, depending on what we need. All going well ;-) that's the plan!


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