Friday, 7 March 2014

Some cow photo's

Amber enjoying a few hours out at grass today. She is still nervous and is doing more bellowing than grazing.

Amber in her winter accommodation. She has a shed and a concrete yard to roam.

Amber being milked last night. Such a gentle girl, she didn't even need to be tied and I was able to bring her in and milk by myself this morning!

Christopher watching me milk from the top of the hay with Anita the hen last night. 

Me riding out this morning. I have a show jumping competition later tonight. 


  1. Nice cow! And you ride! Wow! Would have loved to have ridden as well, but have never managed to do so, and at 66 years of age I think that it is probably something I shall have to do in my next life! Hope you had a lovely ride. Am soooo envious!

  2. I fell off at that competition later on that evening! Embarrassing :-)
    It is a nice sport once you don't break bones too often, although sometimes I think it would be easier to take up another sport that doesn't require the horse and associated cost and time.


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