Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cow has just arrived!

Amber the cow has just arrived in the last few minutes. Isn't she pretty?
We put her into a stable to relax for an hour before I hand milk her.

It was a long journey for her and she is stressed. She seems very quiet and will let me pet her and even let me put on a pony head collar so I can tie her later to milk.

She is about the same size as the kids pony,Max. 
I'm nervous about our first milking. Fingers crossed it goes well!
She has a nice udder but small teats so hand milking might be challenging.  


  1. Hope the milking goes well and that Amber settles in quickly. We have a Jersey cow and she is a delight. She will hopefully give us another calf in August. The one she had last year was a heifer, which we have kept, so that we will eventually have two milking cows. Looking forward to hearing about Amber in the future.....Vx

  2. Milking is done :-)
    She is really quiet, especially for a first milk in a new place. The quietest cow yet that we have had I imagine. I didn't need to tie her and she stood for 30 mins while I milked, even after her food ran out. She stood there chewing the cud. Never moved a leg or most importantly never went to the loo!
    She is a bargain at €700 but I was thinking there was a catch... She has five teats!! One rear quarter has a double teat which I found difficult to milk and I didn't manage to milk out that quarter. I had to ring the farmer we bought her off about it.
    We'll see how I get on in the morning :-)


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