Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Raspberry Wine

I started a gallon of raspberry wine today.  Yesterday I did a post about raspberry jam and syrup. 
I decided to use some of the syrup and experiment with a fruit wine.

There was sugar already in the syrup. To make up a gallon to fill this demi-john, I used:

0.5 litre of sweet raspberry syrup
Teaspoon of yeast nutrient 
Teaspoon of wine yeast

It is bubbling away nicely and I hope to enjoy a bottle of it at the end of the summer. Country wines most certainly improve with age! In both taste and the after effect on your stomach and head!!

Six months is the minimum needed to mature, and at least a year to be truly enjoyed.

I will bottle and prim this brew in 7-10 days. It will stay in the bottle till it is to be used. I don't normally double rack. I'm okay about having some sediment at the bottom of the bottles versus the work of racking twice. The bottles are stored upright in flip top bottles, so there usually isn't a problem once the bottles are handled gently.

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