Friday, 10 January 2014

Seasonal Changes

I have noticed changes in the last couple of days, here at the cottage.
The birds are singing a different tune, a tune of spring coming. Starlings fly overhead in large flocks before settling in nearby groves of sycamores. 

The sky is different also. It is clearer and the sun a little stronger. The damp misty winter fog has lifted for now. The sun shines a little longer each day. 
I have been opening the windows during the day to freshen our home. There is heat in the sun, felt on glass of the south facing windows.

Soon the lambs will appear in the fields that surround us. And then the daffodils will follow.
When I see those two things, Spring has arrived! But not yet...


  1. Beautiful pictures! I wonder if we'll have any snow before Spring arrives, I sure hope not.

  2. I doubt it :-) fingers crossed. At the bee meetings they all think there will be an early spring due to unseasonal bosoms and bee activity. Early bee swarm warning for us bee keepers!


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