Monday, 27 January 2014

Raspberry Jam & Syrup

I was delighted when i was given a kg of frozen raspberries over the weekend. I defrosted them and got around to making jam and syrup today. 

I used an equal amount in weight of sugar to fruit. The sugar I used was half table sugar and half jam sugar for the pectin, as raspberries are low in pectin which helps it set.

I cooked the raspberries and added the table sugar first. When this was done, I strained a litre of syrup and bottled them. I hope to use this syrup to flavour the kombucha tea and water kefir. 

I then added the jam sugar to the pot and brought it back to a gentle simmer. I 
spooned it out into clean jam jars, sealed and labelled. Yummy with yogurt!

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