Saturday, 14 September 2013

Welcoming Winter

There is a feeling of  winter approaching already. The nights are getting cooler and growth in the garden has slowed down. The bees are starting to evict the drones and eagerly forage midday for any available pollens and necters.

Everything is slowing down, and that sounds wonderful to me!
The pigs are hopefully going to the deepfreeze next week. They have escaped twice now, once by jumping the wall when I didn't feed them quick enough and the second time was by breaking through their gate!

The war against weeds goes on pause till the spring, and much of the seasons produce is in jars in the larder or in the freezer. The boys are settled in school now which leaves the house quieter during the day.
We have started to light the range every night, the kitchen has become cosy and warm again.
As the nights close in quicker, we are doing less outdoor work. No more weeding till 10pm! I am now in bed by then. We are moving in to a restful period, a time for craft projects, reading and attending bee-meetings.

I do look forward to winter, I will enjoy the restful slower pace. A life lived following natures rhythm.

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