Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Our new arrivals - kittens

A night last week at 2 in the morning while asleep in bed, I heard a scratching coming from a bag beside our bed.
A mouse, no doubt!

The door to the cottage is left open in all weather. From the kids not closing the door behind them and to the frequent comings and goings of us as we do jobs about the place.
The nights have become cooler, a cue for the mice to decide to move indoors for the coming winter.

Since our small elderly dog wanted nothing to do with mouse in my bag, and hubby is afraid of mice, I was left to tying off the bag and putting it outside.
We decided that night we would get a couple of mousers. Cats of course!

Our last cat got hit by a car late last year. Our location really isn't ideal for them or their lifespan. But fingers crossed!

We got two little black and white kittens. A boy and girl who were rescued and hand reared. They are assumed to be eight weeks old, but they look younger to us. They are in poor condition and really could have done with some fresh jersey cream!

Our little girl loves the animals but the feeling isn't always returned ;-) Our wolfhound is sure she isn't a pony!

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