Monday, 5 August 2013


When bringing in the cow this evening for milking, I noticed some field mushrooms near the gate.
I was delighted! It brought back fond childhood memories of collecting mushrooms with my late dad in the autumn. We would walk to the back fields of the farm amongst the sheep and easily fill the bucket. They were very plentiful, before the use of artificial fertiliser and have since become scarce.

We would then bring them home and without washing them, place them upside down on the hot plate of the turf fuelled range and sprinkle them with salt. As they cooked they filled with yummy juices. 
They were so delicious!

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  1. That's fantastic. I think you could grow some more by getting the mycelium out of the ground. i.e. cutting the soil around the grown mushroom out of the field, like a few cm deep. Then get this soil into the dark and water it occasionally.
    Best wishes Andreas


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