Thursday, 8 August 2013

Courgette Soup

I am harvesting courgettes everyday now. I planted far too many courgette plants as two are really enough for the hungriest families.
I have been giving them away to neighbours and using them in cooking everyday. 
But I still have far too many!

So for the last three days I have been making 5 litres of courgettes soup each day for the freezer. 
God bless deep freezers, they really are so important to the smallholder. 

I will be glad of these soup when we are well into winter.
It is very quick and easy and costs me nothing as it is 100% home produced except the salt. 

I collect 2-3 large onions from the roof of the pig house and a few cloves of garlic. 

Once cleaned and cut, I sweat these in butter on the hob and then add 2-3 large diced courgettes and some chicken stock.
Simmer for a while and then use a handheld blender to get a smooth texture. 
Allow to cool and then box, label and freeze.

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