Friday, 2 August 2013

The broad bean harvest

It is that time of year again. The veg garden needs lots of attention and I lack the time!
I have harvested the onions and garlic, which are currently drying out before I store them. I got around to clearing out the outdoor planted broad beans. 

The stalks were fed to the pigs, all veg waste gets thrown into their sty much to their delight. 

I spent the next 2-3 hours podding beans in front of the tv, so it wasn't all bad!
I now have over a dozen bags of broad beans in the freezer and more saved for seed. 
But the polytunnel looks like thick jungle and I am behind with winter planting.  

So I feel the pressure. I keep having a dream where all the bees swarm!!
I haven't been able to inspect the hives this week due to heavy wind and rain and I worry that they might swarm if there is a short break in the weather. The weather is forecast to improve tomorrow so I will be checking them first thing.
The wind has damaged many of the sunflowers growing in the orchard. 

On the positive, the grass is growing well due to the damp warmth. And the chickens are enjoying dining on worms that have had to surface due to high soil moisture. Easy pickings!

I save as much flower seed as possible. I collect dried seed heads from the garden and store them. We have many varieties saved and I keep them in my 'mixed wildflowers' jars. 
When we turn or clear soil we alway sprinkle in the seed mix. It produces such beautiful arrays of colour throughout the seasons. As we buy more plants and flowers each year, our varieties increase. These mixes are very expensive to purchase in stores, this way we can be very generous with the seeds without the guilt over the cost. 

Mama moo is doing great. Ever reliable!
We are not sure if she took the last Ai straw but we are not in a rush to purchase a new cow as yet. She is still producing well and she is such a pleasure to milk. The nicest, quietest cow and I would be delighted to find out that she is pregnant. Otherwise her future with us will be short. 
We only have space for one cow and she must pay her way!

Lots of green lush grass...


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