Saturday, 3 August 2013

Thrifty Housekeeping - Intro

I hope to start a series about thrifty housekeeping. 
And just to be clear, I don't blog about being frugal nor do we live a frugal life. Our motives are not financial. Other than having greater financial freedoms, our motives are more family, lifestyle and health based.

So anything I will write about will take into consideration cost, but not before considering the balance of nutrition and family life.
 I read many frugal food blogs, while many of these are wonderful and thoughtful, I find that many choose food cost over any nutritional consideration. 
How can food be considered separate from the nutrition it provides?

I feel that this is false economy. What you save now, you will pay later with you or your families health. 

I will start a series covering how we here run our cottage and smallholding. Covering points from:

Heating our cottage
How I stock the larder
Menu planning
Up cycling furniture 
Feeding our animals
Managing on one income

While our little home runs on very little, it is not perfect. My list of DIY jobs for hubby to do is endless! But he is working his way through it. 
We have at times the dreaded 'laundry mountain' that can hung around for weeks growing until I finally tackle it.
Every surface inside of the cottage is full of sticky little handprint that reappear quicker than I can clean them. And the boys haven't yet learnt how to aim for inside the toilet bowl.

I guess homes are never perfect, as they are in constant motion. All we can do is make good memories!


  1. Hi there i don't comment often ,your home sounds just like mine only my 3 kids are 16 - 22 years lol. You should see my ironing pile its big!
    Lisa x

  2. It is comforting to know other people have ' laundry mountains'. I thought I was alone on that one ;-)

  3. The big boys still seem to miss the toilet bowl!...and he has accused ME of doing it.....
    Love your blog!

  4. Very much looking forward to reading this new series :)

  5. So the odour de toilet will remain long term !?!
    We must start a new campaign to ' re toilet train' our men/boys so they seat down while doing business.

    This series was suggested by Lynda. Thanks Lynda ;-)
    I am looking forward to starting it and if anyone wants a special topic that has not been covered, just let me know.

  6. Found your blog by chance so agree with your above comments. Now to catch up !!!

  7. Thanks pigeon. It is always great to get feedback ;-)


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