Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Salami Taste Test

Last month a did a post about making salami and last week we decided to taste some.
It has dried out a lot and has become firm with a coating of white mould. Considering we made so many if them, we decided we could afford to lose one by trying it a bit early.

Well, the kids loved it!
It tasted ready and I'm sure they are, due to there narrow size of sausage casing. I would use bigger casing again to make them quicker and mature at different times.
They taste just like the salami in the store but with a strong after taste which I don't like. Again the kids loved them.
I also feel that I didn't use enough favouring (herbs/spices) in the mix, as it tastes fairly plain but good.
I will try them again in two weeks to see if the after taste softens. Hubby loves them.


  1. It's all a matter of experimenting until you find the right mix to suit you.
    Sure they'll improve with practice.

  2. Salting charcuterie is always difficult, there's no hard-n-fast rule. My paté of the last two/three years has been under-salted.... this year I am determined!

  3. I am disappointed but they won't go to waste as the kids love them. I think I need to be much braver with the mix. Reminds me of my first time making bread


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