Friday, 22 November 2013

Lambs to fill the freezer

We bought three lambs on the hoof recently and had them sent to the butcher. They were lovely small mountain lambs that grazed the heathers and moors about 30 mins drive away. They finished out at about 18 kgs each. 
I collected them this morning and I am so excited to taste the chops and see if they taste different from my fathers lamb.

Our freezer is very full now that I can hardly close the lid. 
But a great feeling to have such a store of healthy home/grass reared meat. 

While it is not a problem in Ireland  to buy such meat, I appreciate that it is very very difficult in other countries were animals are generally confinement fed. It is not a nice life for the animals either. 
As grass is our main agricultural crop, animals are grazed outdoors much of the year and enjoy a good life.
Although that comes at a price, lots and lots of rain, all year round!


  1. I'd probably do the same if my freezer wasn't full. Maybe I need a second one!

  2. Maybe ;-) but now I worry about power cuts. There is to be electricial strikes here during Xmas. Unions!?!


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