Friday, 19 April 2013

Crochet, this and that...

Our little girl loves dressing up in my shoes, sunglasses and bags. I had some left over colourful yarn and I decided to crochet her own little bag. It only took me one evening to make it. She loves the flower on the front. She uses it for carrying around her bottle and any keys she can find!
I knitted a scarf for myself last week. It takes so much longer to knit than crochet that I have decided to do a few more crochet project instead of knitting ones. Also it is more creative as you can crochet lovely patterns like flowers.

It was a lovely warm day today and the bees were very busy flying and bringing in pollen to the hive. The polytunnel has come alive this week and I was so excited to see courgette, butternut and pumpkin seeds have sprouted. We are counting down the days/weeks till we are eating fresh peas from the pod. I planted peas outdoors also today.
We are bringing the kids to the zoo tomorrow but Sunday has been booked to get the outdoor veg beds sorted. The chickens undid much of the work we had done in February. We planted out 300 onion sets back in Feb and they are doing great.

While collecting eggs the last few mornings, I was finding no eggs only a mess of broken eggs in the nest box. It could only mean one thing! Magpies or crows, or worse both! Sure enough on close inspection of the chicken coop, there was damage done to the timber of the nest house which must have occurred during the storm last week. A couple of nails and a hammer later the problem was solved. So this morning I was delighted to collect one egg after milking about eight thirty and a further three by eleven.

We are awash with milk now and we love it. I brought in 5ltr this evening from milking, then filtered it. Before it managed to find its way to the fridge there was only 1.5ltr remaining!
We find that people can be surprised that we have a cow and wonder how is it possible to use all that milk. But when the quality of the milk is so good, everybody uses more and more of it and it is a lovely thing to be so generous with it. Generous with cream in cooking and baking, coffee and hot chocolate and yummy creamy porridge with our own honey. If we are rushing and don't have time for breakfast, we drink a quick pint of milk and it keeps us going for the day.

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