Sunday, 24 March 2013

Toddlers Sleep Bag & Apron

Our little girl is out growing her old sleep bag and I needed another one during laundry rotation, so I started one last night.
 I took a pinafore dress that she has as a template and just made it much longer!
I had lovely kids fabric for another project that I never got around to starting. And I found in the back of the hot-press a  mattress protector and a fleece. They were never used but have been in the hot-press for a few years. As good an excuse as any to cut them up.
So last night I made a template and cut out the pattern. The boys loved the pattern so much so that they wanted one also, so I cut out the starting of an an apron for them.
I find once I start something I generally finish it, so the fact that they were cut and ready to go I knew that I'd get them done. Otherwise that fabric could sit in its box for another few months.

It being Sunday and the weather been miserable, we had a house day which give me plenty of time to get started after dinner. I don't know really how long they took to make as with kids, I sit down and start, an audience forms, then offers of help! Then the urgent damages for a drink, toilet paper, kisses etc. So it took much of the evening.
But I also managed to start a sourdough starter and a ciabatta bigga for tomorrow.

So I cut up the mattress protector as inner padding and the fleece as the internal shell. So its very warm and cuddly soft. She'll love it!
I machine the three layers together and then added the zip. I fixed up around the neck/arm area and then sewed it together. The thickness of it was a challenge for my little sewing machine but she pulled through.

After that I tidied up the hems on the apron and added the red strings. Very quick and easy in comparison

I took photos but my iphone has decided to retire. I think I'll be phone shopping tomorrow! After I eat the ciabatta of course..

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