Friday, 22 March 2013

Homemade lce-cream

I make my own ice-cream from all the extra cream that we find ourselves with. It is so straight forward that I thought I would share the recipe. My aunt give me the basic recipe but I have adjusted it over time as I find the original recipe too sweet.

Original Recipe
1 tin of condensed milk
500ml cream
4 eggs with yolk and white separated
125g castor sugar
Flavorings ie. vanilla, berry fruits, crushed choc bars

Adjusted Recipe
1 tin of condensed milk
1 litre cream
6 eggs with yolk and white separated
Vanilla extract

I made the adjusted recipe today and it produced about 3litres of ice-cream. It uses up plenty if excess eggs and cream. Its is very rich, light and fluffy but not sickly sweet. Our kids love it and one batch should last us about two weeks.

I take out three bowls and one cream, egg white and yolk into the separate bowls. I whisk them till light and fluffy. I added the vanilla extract to the yolk. I take my ice-cream bowl from our freezer.
This ice-cream bowl is frozen solid, I put on the lid attachment and pour in my ingredients through the hole in its lid. It beats it lightly while freezing it. It takes about 20mins to be ready. By then it is a soft ice-cream. I scope it out into individual pots and into the freezer ready for use.
I have this ice-cream maker about three years, but only recently found it and put it to use. Before this I would mix all three ingredients together and pour straight into pots for the freezer. The ice-cream  maker allows it to hold its lightness while freezing. It really is yum!

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