Thursday, 21 March 2013


So i have been trying my hand at wine making since last October, and beer and stout since the New Year. It has been successful if alcohol content is your end goal. It certainly will get you drunk, very drunk! But unfortunately I need more than just alcohol %, taste would be a help.
I have come to the realization that just because I had a bumper crop of beetroot, it doesn't justify making a wine out of them. Beetroot wine taste, well, like beetroot. Crab apple wine, that tasted like cider, a strong cider, but very drinkable and no hangover, Yippee!
So this season I intend to try my hand at many more recipes. I have made batches of ginger beer, that was very successful and didn't last long. The beer is already drank, all 5 gallons of it! and I have another 5 gallons of stout maturing in the bottle. And 4 gallons of ginger beer using a different recipe in the fermenting bucket. I will bottle that off next week when I gather more bottles. And put in a lager into the fermenting bin when that is freed up. But it pays to let them mature, as the taste improves so much.

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