Saturday, 23 March 2013

Toddler Dress

This is a dress that I made for my little girl. There were just three parts to cut out for the pattern. The back is simple with three buttons. It was a very straight forward pattern but I would not have been able for anything complicated. It would only put me off trying again for life. 
I choose a size pattern of 2-3yrs, so she will get plenty of use of it during the summer.
It took me about 4hrs from start to finish.

This is my little girl showing off her new dress. I was very pleased with my first attempt. I just hope she doesn't outgrow it too quickly. The great thing about kids clothes is how brave you can be when choosing the fabric. The more bold and funky the pattern the better.

Next project that I'm starting tonight, well, I'll cut out the pattern for a start is a toddler sleep bag . Fingers crossed for how it will turn out.

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