Monday, 26 May 2014

Capped Queen Cell

I checked my bees yesterday. There is one capped queen cell in the hive that I removed the queen from.
This queen cell is due to hatch out at about now, I am slightly worried that it might have chilled, due to me moving the location of the hives and therefore reducing the amount of bees in this hive. I guess I will know in the next day or two.
I give them another frame from another. This frame seen below is partially drawn with capped brood and eggs laid around the outside. The wax will be nice and soft for them to draw out more queen cells if needs be.

All hives are eagerly drawing out the foundation-less frames producing a lovely clean comb. I have to learn to be careful with these as I flipped over one and the soft comb fall from the frame. I must learn! Gently does it until they have drawn it fully and attached it to all sides.
The hive that holds the old queen is doing very well and is working a full hive, I will need to add another box soon for them. I might remove this queen next month as the hive builds up to produce more splits.


  1. I have always used wired foundation. Are the foundation less frames okay in the spinner ? I sometimes manage to damage our even when they are on wired foundation.

  2. I haven't used them in an extractor before but I imagine that it might be a problem!
    I intend to crush the combs to harvest both honey and wax. I am following Michael Bush idea of letting the bees draw their own clean comb etc. It is fine for us small bee-keepers but might not suit a larger scale, although he keeps many hundred hives using this method.
    I will happily experiment and report what happens :-)

  3. I look forward to your reports with interest. I'm still learning and we have kept bees for over 40 years now. For instance I just love the mesh floors.

  4. It says a lot about bees when after a lifetime we are still learning. You have 36 yrs experience on me, master Gill ;-)


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