Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Piglets coming soon :-)

Sally sow has been growing very big these last few weeks. Her udder started to show about three weeks ago and milk  started to leak today. 
This was noticed by the amount of flies around her. We cleaned out her accommodation and put in fresh bedding. She is delighted and settling in now. 
I suspect that she is currently in labour. She is very restless and noisy at the moment although she normally takes a nap after dinner. She enjoyed a good scratch from us while trying to rest between grunts and position changes.

We will be checking in on her regularly and hopefully by morning she will have a healthy litter of piglets.
Exciting !!! :-)

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  1. They do enjoy a fresh delivery of bedding material don't they to arrange to their own specifications. Pigs are proper little housewives, especially when it comes to getting the labour ward ready :-)


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