Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pork back from the butcher

The pig killed out very well. The butcher reckoned he was over 18 stone dead-weight which works out to be about 114 kgs. 
The pig was about 11 months and reared mainly on jersey milk and barley.
There is good marbling and a modest amount of fat, so we are very pleased.
The back legs are still being cured and I should be able to collect them in another week.
I cured some pork belly in brown sugar and salt for two days and then roast it. It tasted amazing !

Some costings for those that have an interest:

Pig purchase at 5 mths €50
Feed - Barley at €5 per week €180 (reared to 11 mths)
Killing cost €40
Butcher cost €40
Curing ingredients €15

Total cost :   €325 for 114kg
                   €2.85 per kg

We are very happy with these costings but are main reason to rear our own pork/bacon is because it is very difficult to find good healthy pork at a reasonable price. Our motivates are health not money but I still like to know how much it has cost us.
The feed cost is understated as he has has been reared on jersey milk. I suppose I could add a portion of the annual cow food bill to reflect this, which would add another €100 making it €3.72 per kg. 


  1. The pork looks brilliant, have you worked out a costing of it yet, was just wondering how it compared.

  2. Thanks Dawn,
    I will edit my post to include (rough) costings :-) What a great idea!


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