Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June Update

A few updates!

My exams are finished for now, thankfully!

One of the pigs was sent to the freezer last week. He killed out at a good weight and not too fatty. We just have the gilt left. She was very lonely at first but has become more friendly and enjoys all the attention she gets now.

There was a hatched queen cell in one of the hives a few days ago. I had put in a frame of young brood a week before and these were not raised into queen cells. My take on this is that the hive has a virgin queen and I will check in another week for eggs. The weather has been good for mating flights. 

The other hives are very strong and may consider swarming. I need to open the brood area in these by putting a foundation less frame in the centre of the brood. It should occupy them enough to not produce queen cells, hopefully! 
I will spilt one of these hives to make increases but the other, I want it as a production hive. We really want honey this year!

I picked up two broody hens today at the mart. I put them into the orchard with the other hens and when I checked on them later, I could only find one! Hubby will be disappointed when he gets home. We checked the roads and fields but no sign of her. She may or may not turn up.

I am busy at home toilet training our youngest. It is a messy and challenging experience for us both. 
One of our dogs is in heat which has caught the attention of all the neighbouring dogs. One even came inside the cottage today to mark his territory .Grrrrrr!

The veg garden is finally getting attention since the hens have been secured in the orchard. I rejoice in no longer having to hop over the hen poo on the doorstep each morning or crying when the kids carry it in on their shoes. They are no longer able to scratch out flower boxes and veg beds. 

Amber the cow or moo moo as the kids call her, was ai'ed last week to an angus  bull. She was also TB tested a few days ago. 
She is a sweet cow but I think I am the only one that can milk her now. She hates hubby since he had difficulty to bring her in and used a stick. She hates all men in case they are of the vet/ai type.
But she loves me and the kids, and is so easy but if she sees hubby she will turn around and refuse to come in till he goes.
So much for hubby being the relief milker!


  1. What a lovely looking cow you have, what I call a proper house cow. I hope she does you proud with a young one.
    You sound like you have your hands full with wayward chooks, hives to split, dog on heat and toilet training a little one.

  2. It is busy here all right!
    Hubby goes to work to get a break :-) But it makes good memories, for us and the children.

  3. Hope your exams went well.
    Am learning a lot about keeping bees via your blog, bless you.
    Chickens on the doorstep.......we know all about that! Can't wait to get ours out into their own pen.
    Hope the ai for your cow is successful. Our Jersey girl was ai.d seven months ago, and is looking like a round barrel now!

  4. Thanks Vera,
    I felt the exams went well, I had put in the work anyway! That must be exciting waiting for a new calf. When will you dry her off?
    We no longer have chicken poo on the doorstep, it is wonderful.I am not embarrassed by the mess any more.


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