Friday, 18 April 2014

Rendering beeswax

I had a bucket of brood foundation collected after cleaning out some old frames in my previous post. I decided to render it, as I use beeswax in salves and udder balms.

I emptied the bucket of comb into a large saucepan. I then added clean water and put it on to boil.
You need to boil it for about 30 mins and leave a lid on the saucepan to prevent wax spitting over the hob, as it is very difficult to clean up afterwards.

The wax should float on top of the water, leaving any residue in the water. Warning, your pot will never be the same again!

I strained the mixture and let it rest in a clean bowel. Once cooled I was able to pour off the water and add more clean water to the saucepan and reboil the wax again. It was very dirty because it was old brood comb.
I then let the wax cool again and removed it and pressed it into an oiled mould. Not the prettied, but it worked.

I found this link and I thought it give amazing photo's and directions on how to do it better!
Bernie's bee buzz blog

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