Friday, 20 December 2013

Dec Update

With only a few days left for Christmas, everything is settling down here at the cottage.
The boys have finished their last day of school for this year. The recent storms have kept us all indoors and thankful for comforts such as open fires.
There is a daily countdown to Santa as the kids eagerly await his arrival. 
We will spend Christmas away from the cottage in the homes of extended family.

I have been experimenting with several fermented foods/drinks; water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. 
When I get the hang of them, I will write some posts in the new year. 

I made up a large batch of fed for the bees yesterday. I poured them into old take away container and I shall place them upside down over the crown broad.
I am restocking their food supplies every month at the moment.
As the temperature are still quite high, the bees are still flying and taking feed when they can.

I bought a competition horse last week. We are keeping him at a nearby stables that has a indoor arena over the winter. The plan is to show jump him next spring at SJI events.
I gave up horses after having our third child and it is nice to get back into it again. The children are enjoying helping looking after him and we are considering getting them a small pony this summer. 


  1. So glad you got a horse! I plan to get back into riding again as well. Miss it much and fabulous exercise....
    Will send you the saurkraut info I mentioned when I am back in the US..currently in the UK for Christmas!

  2. Sounds like everything is going well, nice to see all those fermented beverages, my favourite is lacto-fermented ginger ale.

  3. I'm not so sure about the horse Lynda! My last horse was very hot and I think this one is also :-( he is grade B and has been jumping 1.30metre but he is hoooottt to ride. I can't even walk him with rein contact at the moment. He is jumping cantering on the spot if I take up the reins. I will see if he improves for the next two months by starting to accept leg/reins, otherwise he will have to go. He is a sweetheart on the ground though, very loveable.
    I have the milk kefir sorted now and I am making a shake everyday by adding honey, banana and a raw egg. I thought the water kefir was not fermenting so I put it in molasses water and has woke it up :-)
    The kombucha is still sitting there, maturing. I hope the mother scoby is alive/working :-)


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